YTP Fall Quarter Tech Bootcamp – Meet the Coaches

YTP Fall Quarter Tech Bootcamp – Meet the Coaches

The Young Tech Professionals Fall Quarter Tech Bootcamp is scheduled to kick off with an orientation session for coaches as well as accepted students. 123 students applied from all backgrounds, majors and class levels.

This was the second highest number of applicants since 2018. Only 28 students will be accepted to the 6-week program and those students will be split into 4 teams with 7 students in each and coached by the following members of our community:

Andy Johnson
Sony Pictures
(Team EdTech)
Behrang Abadi
Technology Manager
City of Long Beach
(Team CivicTech)
Sumita Jonak
Founder & CEO
(Team HealthTech)
Henry Park
Co-Founder & Executive Partner
(Team SocialTech)