Executive Director’s Corner

It has been the strangest year I can remember both personally and professionally. I’m sure many
can relate. So how do you keep up with your professional circle of CIOs or other IT colleagues? I started thinking about this a lot this year. It turns out Innovate@UCLA was my answer.

Of course, you have your work colleagues and maybe friends and acquaintances outside your
company but do you have the network that span industries? As the world of IT keeps changing, new something is always around the corner. Even new acquisitions or mergers in the IT world keep happening. One thing for sure, is IT will always have new changes and opportunities. Keeping up with change while maintaining your IT operations, new development and workforce is stressful if you don’t have the network.

I want to encourage current members to use this opportunity to reach out to fellow members, ask questions, compare notes or find someone to talk to who isn’t at your company. It works, I have done it my whole career. So let Innovate@UCLA work for you!

For those who are not members, I invite you to join for your company so that you and members of your staff can enjoy the benefits of Innovate@UCLA. Click the become a member button on the home page and explore!

Jim Rinaldi