Executive Director’s Corner

It is with great appreciation, that I am now the Executive Director of Innovate@UCLA!  I have had great opportunities in my career and I am humbled by this one. Innovate@UCLA has a long history of serving the IT communities of Southern California and my role is to continue making that happen while continuing  to stay relevant.  

While 2020 has been a very challenging year, I am so impressed how Innovate@UCLA has worked to provide excellent events and engage it’s members in new ways.  We quickly accepted the challenge of virtual events and increased the frequency of them.  Innovate@UCLA is more than about technology, it is the innovative use of technology,  evolving business models and sharing of information.  While networking has gone virtual,  our reach now goes beyond SoCal.  We have members who can attend from anywhere and contribute to our discussions.  

We are also growing our membership ranks with innovative companies who will contribute to the dialogue and networking.  Innovate@UCLA is a unique membership based organization governed by its members and supported by a world class University and staff and faculty.  Our inclusion of the University and it’s students keep the organization engaged in the latest trends and content development.  

I wish to express my sincerest appreciation to Jim Davis and Davida Johnson of the Office of Information Technology for their support as I transition into this role.  The Executive Board has been very supportive and engaged in new ideas and with the energy during a very demanding time.  

Of course, I must thank Don Olender for his wisdom, guiding hand and effort in being Executive Director for many years.  Don has been helping me with the transition and my deepest appreciation for all he has done for Innovate@UCLA, it’s members and me!  Thank you Don!

I look forward to the future and want to thank our members for their contributions and engagement with the organization.  Let’s get through the current crisis together and continue to show the world why IT matters!

Jim Rinaldi