Executive Director’s Corner

Thoughts on Post Pandemic?

It seems we are making progress in dealing with Covid-19 and it’s variants. That said, I still wear a mask and check to see if I need any more shots. Companies still have workforce not coming into the office and the talk of a hybrid workforce continues. It is going to be real interesting to see which companies go full work from home (WFH) or work from office (WFO) or hybrid. I see signs the new norm is for a mixture of WFH and WFO being the new reality. If so are we prepared? IT organizations did their part (as they should) to enable the workforce to work from anywhere. But can management adapt?

A management transformation may be on the horizon! Many options to consider, such as, do you need as many management layers, do those who WFH have the same opportunities as those WFO do? Does your team get evaluated on results vs. time clock? How do you measure results? I hear a lot of concern over culture of the company and how do you preserve that with a workforce, some who have never seen the office? These are issues that are being addressed and it will be great to collect the data on how this is working, planning for the future and results.

My guess is many research and analysis firms are already collecting data. It will be insightful to hear from our membership at Innovate@UCLA on their experiences and lessons learned over the next year … Oh yeah … Post Pandemic!

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Jim Rinaldi