Executive Director’s Corner

James Rinaldi
Jim Rinaldi

Interesting times …continued!

The hybrid workplace can be a mixed blessing. From many comments and keeping up with recent articles, it seems those who enjoy working remote also like the option to come to the office. In other words, it is good to get away on occasion to break up the monotony.

Since I have been working from home, my only office now, I find myself moving around the
house to find a different venue or better yet, change the view. My home office needs updating
and clean up. I find too many papers laying around even though I say I’m going to put them
away soon. Funny, I was kind of the same at the work office too, creating stacks of documents
until they aged out. When I’m not in a virtual meeting or heads down writing something, I take
my iPad and read or watch a Youtube video. I’m into technology videos from new battery tech,
Metaverse, and to Quantum Computing. Yes, I’m a nerd. I do watch other things of interest
including too many golf teaching videos. Turns out these don’t seem to help my game.

When I have conversations with colleagues, I hear a lot of the same. We are in a time of home
being the base and not the work office. Keeping up with what others are doing and comparing
notes even virtually has helped me adjust. Innovate@UCLA has created these networking
opportunities. The quality of our membership is second to none. I hope our members feel the
same way. Just think what it would be like if you did not have Innovate@UCLA as a connecting

I continue to be a proud member. To work with such great people, our members and UCLA
staff, is an honor! It turns out be a form of therapy for the remote worker.

Jim Rinaldi

Executive Director Innovate@UCLA