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How Video Will Swallow the World, April 8th

How Video Will Swallow the World, April 8th

In April, Innovate@UCLA hosted it’s second virtual series of 2021, “How Video Will Swallow the World,” featuring panelists Jen Whelan, VP B2B Marketing, Verizon Media, Cherry Park, Sr. Director Marketing, Qualcomm, and Adam Moore, Director, Global Digital Systems & Engineering, Sony Pictures, and moderator, Erika Nolting Young a leader from Slalom’s global strategy team with a passion for the future of video. 

The panelists shared how video production, storage and streaming technology are advancing and becoming more accessible to the main stream, not just specialists (e.g. camera quality, encoding speed, video quality, cloud storage and distribution, media supply chain management, metadata tagging and management, latency reduction, etc.). With these advancements, enterprises are experimenting with use cases for video that extend beyond entertainment, including AR commerce, video for education, telehealth, holograms for collaboration, and more. 

With a higher quantity of video experiences that are increasingly more advanced, consumers are coming to expect more immersive and personalized experiences, including spatial audio to recreate the experience of being in a specific environment or the ability to select with brands a consumer wants to be presented or to interact with. To enable the right experiences for the right audience through the right channels, organizations are leveraging analytics to understand when, how, why and how long people engage with content, on which device, and during what parts of the day. Serving up tailored experiences to match the desires and needs of consumers requires disciplined metadata assignment and management, and as more consumers join the creator economy, we expect to see more consumer-grade metadata tools, similar to the music industry.