Spring CxO Exchange Event on Tuesday, March 30th

Spring CxO Exchange Event on Tuesday, March 30th

Innovate@UCLA held its first CxO Exchange virtual event of 2021 on March 30th at 4:30PM. The event was attended by an intimate number of senior IT leaders and executives from the SoCal region. This event explored the rapidly changing dynamics in the workplace and how leaders need to re-imagine employee engagement and talent management. What are the implications of the use of new technologies in the workplace? What skills will be required to support the employee experience? How do leaders create organizations that are agile enough to keep up with the speed of innovation in an increasingly uncertain future?

Jim Rinaldi, Former CIO, JPL and Executive Director, Innovate@UCLA moderated the discussion with Jami Town Managing Director, Talent Experience Slalom, Mary Kay Evans, Chief Marketing Officer Pymetrics and Kim Blue Terrell, Head of People Experience Zoom.

All companies need to evaluate what it means to support a personalized and flexible employee experience. Technology can help companies do a better job of finding the right people for the right job. The accelerations in trends caused by Covid have opened up an unprecedented number of opportunities. The way we return to work will not look at all like the way we left work.

The Future of Public Sector Employment

Kevin Gray, CIO for the City of Burbank in conversation with Betsy McClinton, Management Services Director for the City of Burbank on the challenges and opportunities for recruiting the best employees to work in the public sector.  The government in California can no longer rely on pensions and other benefits to be the main recruiting tools for attracting top talent.  Governments need to better tell the story of the benefits of working in public service and the impact that people can have on their communities.  Also public sector employers need to be committed to fostering a culture of inclusion that provides the work/life balance that employees want.